Limitless (LGBTQ)

I savoured your cigarette tinted kisses: The good old days. Our silhouette making dancing shadows on the wall: Old attached hearts. Your fragrance still tickling my nose: Our living relationship. We could have still been together: This world sucks. They parted us for their religion: Our relation wasn't natural, to them. We were humans and... Continue Reading →


She caressed me to sleep. With her melody heart, Her eyes too were a labyrinth. A maze with no visible end. Getting lost with her, didn't quite require an effort. Our relationship was not merely any ordinary friendship. We both felt attracted to each other. Or maybe that's at least what I assume. It was... Continue Reading →

Teen (LGBTQ)

My teenage wasn't the way I thought it to be, Neither the way I dreamt of, Nor the way others had their's. Frequent mood swings, Endless crying, repenting, struggling, This was my teenage. I realized something about my identity. A truth only I realized, yet. I was a gay. Different from every other girl in... Continue Reading →

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