Haiku #7

Love is nothing but past or early stage- of utmost betrayal   tThis haiku follows3-5-3 scheme unlike my other haikus which follow5-7-5 scheme.



Why am I not feeling mature enough, to hold back to my problems? Why do I keep on crying? Why do I have to undergo those insomniac nights? Am I still that little, to be lullabied? Please tell me if a lullaby will help me sleep deep. Keeping aside all my problems. Yes! I guess... Continue Reading →

Love: Game of cards…

I don't know, why loneliness has come to meet me again; At what turn has love brought me. Is my fight against myself, or against God Himself, At what turn has love brought me. Love is a game of cards, of breaking and building trust. Don't know why I think, that I am an empty... Continue Reading →


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