Divine (Tanka)

I wish living life forcefully was a sin. And to end it, divine. Trying to live upto their expectations, a sin, Fulfilling our will, pretty divine. Wouldn't life be interesting then?


Woebegone world (cleave poem)

The world's painted grey: selfish desires are to be fulfilled yet. Emotionless hearts, yet: and the very own self is what they live for. Gloomy it is all around: With selfish desires and broken hearts all around. Trust is meant to be cheated: ,hearts are meant to be broken. The world looks a sorry sight:... Continue Reading →

Irradiant hues of life…..

When rays of halcyon sun, hail the day, A homely zephyr kisses off my, visage in the play. With redolent roses of radiant hue, In the midst of this beauty, I miss you. The array of birds in a furious flurrying flight, Fossicking for asylum before fall of night. A welcoming tree is then found... Continue Reading →


A mime artist exhibits his role, As soon as he finishes off with it The curtains roll down. The conditions force him not to speak, or maybe because he finds not explaining his worries to everyone out there, more comfortable. Anyways he is depressed. A heavy makeup Strong expressions, a joker smile - a medium... Continue Reading →

Mr. Ego!!

Dear ego, You proved yourself to be the strongest. Their relationship, you were the one who shattered it like anything and I could not do even something to bind it. You were a barrier, an invisible wall between them which finally broke them apart. But still I continued to climb and tried to escape this... Continue Reading →


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