Just another wound

You are scared of getting hurt, until you've not got hurt, yet. But, once you get hurt, you cry your heart out, you realize that it is not death but just another phase, And so you are no more scared of getting hurt again. You get used to it, And then it becomes, Just another... Continue Reading →


Behind the dead walls of my mind, Amidst eerie silence, surrounding, Amidst gloom, With a meek voice, My body is pleading, Peace.


The pain is too much to bear. With a heavy heart And a, Dull mind My soul is slowly starting to decay. Turning my body, into a heap Of Debris.


This burden is slowly decomposing my mind. Straight in front of me, Lies a pile of ash of my dead, burnt away dreams that were once, as lively as a sprout. My own fears have blindfolded me. My ears have turned deaf of all the backbiting they do on me. I feel my legs wobbly.... Continue Reading →


The sun goes down, And the moon rises high above even on the darkest night. Less privileged, stars too rise from oceans of dark waters. When will I rise? I'm like the sand in the ocean that holds debris and rests at the ocean bed, though not wanting to. Debris of her own fears perhaps?... Continue Reading →

Indefinite wish

If I were your cigarette, I wouldn't be longing for your kisses anymore. You'd everytime find a way to put me to your lips yourself rather. You'd be finding a reason for me then. If I were a football match, With Barcelona over Juventus, I wouldn't long for you to see me. You'd be the... Continue Reading →

Ek imtihaan (Hindi poetry)

Chahne se hi Milne lagta sab, toh gam kis baat ka hota phir. Mangna padha hai janaab aur bas yahi ek imtihaan sa lagta hai. Hasne se khushi milne lagti, toh gam kisko hota phir, Dil kholke ke hasna hi ek imtihaan sa lagta hai. Ladne se yadi jeet milne lagti, toh gam Kis baat... Continue Reading →


Her heart was lush green, Seeming to be alright. But snakes came in with that greenery and depth, And that made it fierce. It made the difference. She had her lips carved into a pretty smile, Just like flowers, Attracted bees. Her soul was though dark and gloomy, And that made all the difference. Her... Continue Reading →


I couldn't trust my mind And so to prevent a memory lapse, I captured you in a video. Trust issues. I couldn't trust you, And so I put derringer at you head. To cage you, To let you not slip away. I couldn't trust myself, And so I slit myself open, Apart, Bleeding profusely. My... Continue Reading →

2018- A history!

Life is too short to just live through, Love what you do and do what you love, before it's too late. Leave the ones who hate you, move forward. Love the ones who care for you. Don't simply waste time in improving the old. Build new, you have enough time. Start again. Know it, what... Continue Reading →

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