A mime artist exhibits his role, As soon as he finishes off with it The curtains roll down. The conditions force him not to speak, or maybe because he finds not explaining his worries to everyone out there, more comfortable. Anyways he is depressed. A heavy makeup Strong expressions, a joker smile - a medium... Continue Reading →


Mr. Ego!!

Dear ego, You proved yourself to be the strongest. Their relationship, you were the one who shattered it like anything and I could not do even something to bind it. You were a barrier, an invisible wall between them which finally broke them apart. But still I continued to climb and tried to escape this... Continue Reading →


You left me, Smoking and drinking came my way. I used to gulp painkillers to reduce the pain of being left, unaware of, that they won't work. Wondering; I started to quaff it everyday. Some shots of intoxication accompanied and people, they termed it drugs. Warned me not to take them anymore. But then should... Continue Reading →


Today I was fed up! I again took out that suicide note, buried deep under my clothes in the cupboard. I had to mount up all the clothes messily, to get it. And yes! I got it. I over wrote it again and again, crying and shouting silently, deep within me. I couldn't just go... Continue Reading →


Why have you left? Were u not  reminded once, of the moments we spent together? Was I rapid through your love ? Did I went on too fast? But it was not I, who started. You came to me, You wanted to befriend me. Not I, who asked you for your friendship. But still, I... Continue Reading →


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