Today was an exhausting day. After a hard day of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, I seriously feel tired of everything. I want to sit free with a light music on background. I want to enjoy. And yeah, I won't able to enjoy hungry, so falafels are must. With a coke too, so I won't... Continue Reading →


Dear maths…

Dear maths, Go and buy yourself a calculator. I am a teenager, not a therapist. I know you have problems in your life but I'm also not very much happy either. I'm fed up of finding your X. Just except the fact that she's gone. Move on dude! Better solve your problems yourself than relying... Continue Reading →

Dear crush…

Dear crush, Though, I never comment on your posts but I do open the comment section, to see what you've replied. Whenever our eyes meet, I tend to take them away as if I felt an electric shock. I know, you don't have any feelings for me and that's what makes you my crush but,... Continue Reading →

La Carta!

Dear grades/ marks, I heard that you were going down. That's so sad to hear. Please get well soon. Everyone in my family is so worried about you. I have to burn the midnight fuels to get you well. My mom scolds me so much for you don't feel good. I study whole day still... Continue Reading →


I had always thought there were only a few things in the world more humiliating than, your teacher berating you in front of the entire class and complaining to your parents in a parent-teacher meet. And today I had a proof too, to it. They turned and threw me volleys I had no intention to... Continue Reading →

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