As the last yellow ribbons of sun melted over the horizon, It felt cold. I could see a thread line separating the two skies, slowly dissolving. I feel totally incomplete today, when you've already left me, for the stars. They were seductive, perhaps? So much, that they snatched you away from me. Now a days... Continue Reading →


It feels solus when my eyes google, gazillion stars up there, in the night sky. You were selfish. because you left me for those stars. Were they too seductive? We used to graze them but now its only me. Yeah! It hurts. I want to taste you in his kiss. I want to feel you... Continue Reading →


The night sky, Full of stars and a cresent moon. I wish my life was that occupied, too. As occupied as the sky is with those zillion stars. Instead, its my body, with those infinite unrecognized scars. But that's okay! These scars are now welcomed. They provide me some relief because I know, that my life... Continue Reading →

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