You know why its getting even harder? It's because now worms of depression have already started to decompose my mind. They make my past memories feel fresh and make me yearn to long for them, yet again. I don't complain, staying in darkness. It's pretty normal for me. I don't complain, of friends betraying me... Continue Reading →

Last chapter of my Life.

My head is a very dark place. Every time thoughts of suicide are looming up. I fought a war. The war of my life. A war between my soul and my very skin. Physically in front of people I'm just a transparent sheet of paper. Every thing seems drenched up, dripping in grey. The lush... Continue Reading →

Time worn

Even on birthday, I'd never asked for anything. But now I want to ask something from you, God, Since I've hardly made any requests. Take me away from this cruel place. Seriously, I'm exhausted being a living dead. I hate every detail of this place. How even am I still alive? I know my words... Continue Reading →

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