As the last yellow ribbons of sun melted over the horizon, It felt cold. I could see a thread line separating the two skies, slowly dissolving. I feel totally incomplete today, when you've already left me, for the stars. They were seductive, perhaps? So much, that they snatched you away from me. Now a days... Continue Reading →



What do you think of yourself? Are you happy of the demon you've turned me into? You say I've changed alot. But it's probably you who wanted me to change. Isn't it? Do you want me to be pretty nice with you, Or do you enjoy the way it's going? Well, I'm helpless. You'll have... Continue Reading →

Scarlet lips

Oh she seems out of sight now. Where's she gone. The life took a turn and so she too folded in, with that turn. Am I alone now? Or perhaps I'm lonely? Learn the difference. Don't you see these red eyes which were once hazel green? Or maybe, you don't want to. Anyways I must... Continue Reading →

War within

I don't feel like I can bear it anymore. I don't have a reason to bear this harsh life. For how long can I be just a living dead, after all. I'll eventually have to leave. And I'm happy about it. I don't fear swinging around the edges of the mountains with my one hand... Continue Reading →


You know why its getting even harder? It's because now worms of depression have already started to decompose my mind. They make my past memories feel fresh and make me yearn to long for them, yet again. I don't complain, staying in darkness. It's pretty normal for me. I don't complain, of friends betraying me... Continue Reading →

Last chapter of my Life.

My head is a very dark place. Every time thoughts of suicide are looming up. I fought a war. The war of my life. A war between my soul and my very skin. Physically in front of people I'm just a transparent sheet of paper. Every thing seems drenched up, dripping in grey. The lush... Continue Reading →

Living dead

Now smoking is the only thing, I can feel myself interested in. I can feel the pleasure. Pleasure of betrayal perhaps? I don't want any friend to accompany me. Now, I'm betrayed enough to get my things myself. I'm dead on my feet living this lie. My life is a lie. And my existence is... Continue Reading →

Void (Tanka)

The void which an enemy carves deep in the heart, A friend shall fill it. But if the friend isthe one carving the void, Who shall smoothen it?

Woebegone world (cleave poem)

The world's painted grey: selfish desires are to be fulfilled yet. Emotionless hearts, yet: and the very own self is what they live for. Gloomy it is all around: With selfish desires and broken hearts all around. Trust is meant to be cheated: ,hearts are meant to be broken. The world looks a sorry sight:... Continue Reading →


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