A long break.😜

Hello, I am here to tell you all wonderful bloggers that I am taking a break from blogging since I don't get much time posting the blogs. While I am writing this I feel so very attached to blogging. I will remember each and everyone of you even after I quit blogging if only I... Continue Reading →


Jang- e- zindgi (Hindi Poetry)

Dard kya hota hai ye zaalim kya jaane, Mout kya hoti hai, ye haiwan kya jaane, Hawa main ud Gaya ghar uss parinde ka, Ghonsala kaise banaya tha, Ye tufaan kya jaane.

Quote #1

If you aren't loosing friends, You aren't growing up. A new video is uploaded on my channel. Hit a like and subscribe to my channel. Thank you all for 90 subscribes. Love you  

Diary#2 ( My shoe laces)

Okay so this can be added as an another open page of my dairy on the blog unlike others which I've marked private. I didn't really want to post this, as it might seem as silly as anything but seriously I was so relieved once I laced my shoes in a way which no one... Continue Reading →


Today is meant to be celebrated. Not everyday in my life is worth living, but yeah some days are much more than this. I guess god didn't evenly distribute happiness in my life. Haha This post I was thinking to make private, but since its my only space where I pen down my feelings, so... Continue Reading →

Blogging community.

While I was sitting in the school library yesterday, I was just thinking about one blogger whose post didn't appear on my reader for a long time. Firstly not many people blog around me. I mean I know no one except one friend who blogs on wordpress. So from my school I guess its only... Continue Reading →


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