Hello Everybody, I hope you all are doing well. I know, I'm not able to read your wonderful blogs these days but I'm going incredibly busy with my studies although its a summer break going on. I'll be on a hiatus which might be as long as a month. I'll post a piece or two... Continue Reading →

Hark- bark

As the moon shone brightly above, in the starry sky, A Selene aura envelops me. When everything is at peace, And even the ants can be seen resting, Then why is my mind still wandering in the lanes of your heart. Why am I feeling uncomfortable even in this serene twilight. What I'm feeling guilty... Continue Reading →

Roja (Red)

The love of rose till the petals fall apart Was like her love till she did depart. In a red sequin maxy, adorning this barren land There she stands still, Red it is. Everything fell dull, With a Grandiflorous adorning this night. Once, is when it blooms. So was she, Smiling, standing still and starinig.... Continue Reading →

Undiscribed masterpiece!

My skin bleeds in metaphors. My mind wanders in the depth of your poetry. I feel myself drowned in a ocean of your words. As more often as this loquacious tongue is used, I feel myself flowing with these currents. You look like a villanelle, wanting to be sung, babe. As mysterious as an unread... Continue Reading →

Odd observation (Abstract poetry)

The sky seems pretty much like an upside down ocean. Enveloping numerous cries from some part below this ocean. In some part here, it envelops frivolous and joyous shrills. We are perhaps water life living in it? When I look up to see thisĀ  ocean at large, I feel a water bird. Flying without wings.... Continue Reading →


The pale moon waneth night by night. Making me feel pretty much desperate for some lambent light. Ultimately leaving me alone. Now even the moon is drowning in the veil of darkness. Perhaps something brighter is awaiting? Or perhaps it'll be a dark moonless night. Even yin has a white spot. Then why not my... Continue Reading →


I'm a broken musical instrument, Let me flute my fears out. I'm a baseless chalice, I can't hold anything, but some dark and gloomy memories. I'm a torn football, But you can still play with me if you really loved. I'm your torn pair of shoes, I took you to my eyes whole of my... Continue Reading →


Today was an exhausting day. After a hard day of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide, I seriously feel tired of everything. I want to sit free with a light music on background. I want to enjoy. And yeah, I won't able to enjoy hungry, so falafels are must. With a coke too, so I won't... Continue Reading →

Dear maths…

Dear maths, Go and buy yourself a calculator. I am a teenager, not a therapist. I know you have problems in your life but I'm also not very much happy either. I'm fed up of finding your X. Just except the fact that she's gone. Move on dude! Better solve your problems yourself than relying... Continue Reading →

Anime Out…

Sketching manga!! I'm pretty much not too good at sketching human face so I better prefer Anime. Hahaa... These all Manga sketches are made by me with the background effect X-PRO-II. -x-x-  

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