Be gone from me,
My one and only.
I can’t live this lie,
For one more day.

The path has way too many hurdles,
Perhaps walking alone would help.
Undergoing the pain all by myself would rather help,
Than dragging you too into it.

Go, be free,
Go, be gone.
You don’t need to lie to me anymore.
Take the blindfold away,
On my own,
I must learn to see.

Blindfolded I was,
You love had made me blind?
But I’m no more vision less .
I’ll once again have toΒ  learn, to keep my fears to myself,
Rather than asking someone to give them an ear.

I mistook you to be my everything,
And you mistook me to be a chump.
But they say a coin has two faces,
And that I too have the devil in me.

You won’t love to rest seeing me undergoing insomnia?
Seeing me undergoing these insomniac nights.
Would you?
Or just correct me if I once again did, mistake?

There will be demons frightening you to death.
There will be angels to lift me up to the heaven.
Perhaps we’ll meet again?
Even in the chasms of hell, I’ll be there for you.
For you,
To be my blindfold.

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