As the last yellow ribbons of sun melted over the horizon,
It felt cold.
I could see a thread line separating the two skies,
slowly dissolving.

I feel totally incomplete today, when you’ve already left me, for the stars.
They were seductive, perhaps?
So much, that they snatched you away from me.

Now a days I don’t do much except for travelling.
Running away from the places that hold our memories.
I’ll run from our villa to a new apartment,
But what about the footprints you’ve left on my fragile heart?
And about these hickeys imprinted on my skin?
They’re slowly turning into bruises, but I’m helpless.
It’s painful.
For the first time today,
this world seemed colossal.
My world began and ended, in the very you.

How can I just let go off your presence even though you’re no more?
I was so very used to you.
They say, habits are hard to change,
And you were my habit.

As I sit under the veil of this dark, mysterious yet mesmerising night sky gazing these dancing stars,
They hauntΒ  me.
It’s probably your absence that makes me feel lost in the labyrinth of this sky.
when we used to enjoy stargazing.
My heart is broken but it’ll still beat.

I don’t believe what this day has brought.
Tell me that you’re gone, so I no more keep waiting.
People do become poems when they are no more reachable by mere words.
Don’t they?
Some people don’t leave even when they’reΒ  already gone.
They just stay inside,Β  in a different form.
So are you.

29 thoughts on “Cessation

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  1. beautiful; love the softness of it, the tender evocation of memory. you have a way with words, but you could definitely do better. Is this possibly inspired by a true event?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No no no this is just a mere fiction. It is all my imagination.
      I will definitely try to do better next time. I am still an amateur writer as writing poems was never on my list.πŸ˜‚


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